Former LDS/Mormon church youth leaders who have been publicly accused or found guilty of sexual abuse or sex crimes.

  • Allen, Brady Glenn was a Mormon church youth leader and Utah teacher, admitted to trying to meet 13-year-old for sex; sentenced to 1-15 years in Utah State Prison
  • Allen, Terry George was an LDS church member; in 1987, was found guilty of sexual abuse of a child and was sentenced to six years in prison
  • Borg, David James was a Mormon church member and scout leader; pleaded guilty to molesting multiple boys; sentenced to 34 years in prison
  • Boring, Donnie Rue was a Mormon bishop and stake high council member in California / Arizona; pleaded guilty in 2017 to a felony charge of sexual abuse; died in December 2017
  • Campbell, Cory was a Mormon church member in Ogden, Utah; accused of sexual abuse
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  • Darrell, Buckland Lee was an LDS church member and Primary teacher in the Redmond, Washington area (Sammamish); charged with first degree felony child molestation in December 2022 and again in March 2023 (two separate victims, both little boys)
  • Doan, Richard Elliott was a Mormon church member in Douglasville Georgia; found guilty of sexual abuse
  • Elvik, Karl Monsen was a Mormon church youth leader; admitted indecency offences against eight boys; was jailed for 18 months.
  • Fischer, Michael James was a Mormon church member and young men's president; accused of sexual abuse; sentenced to prison
  • Gooden, Shawn Cory was an LDS bishop; arrested and charged with sexually molesting two girls; as of Feb 2023, awaiting extradition to Virginia
  • Johannes, James Frank was an LDS youth leader; sentenced and jailed for spying on two teenage sisters and recording them preparing to attend seminary
  • Jones, Harry O was an LDS church member in Illinois; sentenced to 30 months of probation for possession of child pornography
  • Kempton, Robert Glenn was an Mormon bishop, stake president and attorney in Arizona; arrested in 2014 in a police sting for underage prostitution
  • Kerlee, Ronald Lynn Seminary teacher, Sunday school leader, youth leader; accused of sexually abusing multiple children
  • Moreno Pérez, Marcelo was an LDS church member and ward young men's leader in Argentina; arrested in 2021 for alleged sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl in 2017; sentenced in 2022 to 13.5 years in prison
  • Moss, David Neil was an LDS bishop (2015-19) and police officer in Utah; arrested in 2019 for soliciting an undercover cop for sex; pleaded guilty in 2019 to a 3rd degree felony charge of exploiting a prostitute and a misdemeanor charge of patronizing a prostitute; sentenced to prison but both terms were suspended
  • Muniz, Horacio was a Mormon church member; accused of sexual abuse
  • Newman, Paul William was a Mormon bishop in Utah; convicted of a sex crime
  • Price, Robert Scott was an LDS church member and scout leader in Idaho; sentenced to prison for child sexual abuse
  • Scott, Darran was a Mormon church member and filmmaker in Australia; pleaded guilty in 2017 to 16 charges related to the sexual abuse of 11 boys over a 25-year period; sentenced to 10 years in prison
  • Sykes, Kevin G was an LDS church youth leader in Utah; arrested for possessing child pornography; later arrested for forcible sodomy, human trafficking, sexual abuse of a minor, child abuse and obstructing justice; pleaded guilty in February 2023 to four counts of felony child sexual abuse; sentencing to take place in March 2023
  • Treter, Mark C was a Mormon church member in Indiana; accused of sexual abuse; found guilty; sentenced in 2023 to probation
  • Woodbury, Michael Scott was a Mormon young men's president and attorney in California; sentenced in 2006 to six months in prison for sexually abusing a boy