was an LDS church member in Gallman and Hazelhurst, Mississippi; died in 2015; accused posthumously by a victim of child sexual abuse; the abuse allegedly took place during Sunday branch meetings; the branch president and stake president allegedly knew about the abuse but failed to report it to law enforcement

Case Summary

Kendall Traxler was a Mormon church member and youth leader in Mississippi. He died in 1991.

A victim told FLOODLIT, Traxler “taught priesthood class and would take me out to the shed and sexually molest me. The church was in a house at the time with a shed in the back of [the] property. [The] [b]ranch was about 5 regular families averaging 30-50 people in attendance each week.”

The victim said regarding the abuse, “The branch president was made aware but did nothing. The stake president was aware and did nothing. The communities and families were very close so nothing was done.”

FLOODLIT is seeking more information about Traxler and his alleged child sexual abuse. If you know anything, please report anonymously or contact us. Thank you for shining a light.

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