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  • Carpenter, Jon Rick was an LDS church member; sentenced to prison for child sexual abuse; the day after sentencing, injured himself to avoid serving longer in prison
  • Dawkins, Thomas Eugene was an LDS church member in South Carolina; accused of sexual abuse; convicted in 1986; the conviction was later overturned
  • Taylor, Brent E was the Utah Valley Youth Symphony orchestra director, and an LDS Sunday school teacher; accused in 2018 of sexually abusing multiple boys; a judge issued a warrant in June 2023 for Taylor's arrest, ruling that he had exaggerated his health issues to avoid trial; as of September 2023, was found to have disappeared after his nurse overdosed on drugs and died
  • Whitaker, Ryan Dee was an LDS church member and divorce lawyer in Vancouver, Washington; charged with sexually abusing a 9-year-old girl in his Sunday School class during church meetings; found guilty; registered sex offender