was a Mormon church member in Texas; charged with child sexual abuse in 1994

Case Summary

This case arose in 1994 in Texas.

LDS church member Jimmy Earl Brooks “used his position as an LDS Sunday School teacher to find his
victims. He was a known pedophile and had been arrested in GA, CA, NM, FL, and TN. Jimmy Earl Brooks, 52, who was living on a boat docked in the Galveston area and is described as “associated with the Mormon Church in Galveston,” was charged on 22 July 1994 with molesting four children.”

“Brooks had been arrested in Georgia, California, New Mexico, Florida, and Tennessee, on charges ranging from exposing himself to aggravated sexual assault, usually involving children under age ten. Police from Morristown, Tennessee, had been looking for him since March 7, when he was charged with the aggravated sexual assault of eight children.

His modus operandi was to “teach Sunday School at … churches around the country, which is where he came in contact with most of his victims…. Brooks was able to make friends with families and talk them into going sailing with him, usually at night,” according to investigator Connie Guelfi of the Galveston Police Department.

“While parents sat on the stern of the boat, Brooks would go into the bow of the boat with some of the children.”

“Brooks’ charges range from exposing himself to aggravated sexual assault. Many of the felony charges involved children under the age of 10.”

“Brooks was charged with the aggravated sexual assault of eight children.”

  1. "Serial child molester charged in Galveston"
    view source details | 22 Jul 1994 | Galveston Daily News
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