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1 Mormon sex abuse cases with civil case result: Civil case is still ongoing.
  • FLOODLIT.org Mormon sex abuse case #721: Timothy Blain Ballard

    • AKA Tim Ballard
    • November 2023: amended complaint filed by five women against Tim Ballard for sexual misconduct and misusing funds from donors
    • Victims:2+, 5+,
    • Born: 1976
    • Mission: Chile - unknown
    • Marriage: yes | Add info
    • Civil result: Civil case ongoing,
    • He was a Mormon church member and anti-sex trafficking activist; claimed to be friends with LDS apostle M. Russell Ballard (no blood relation); accused in 2023 of sexual misconduct by at least 7 women, according to VICE News; in September 2023, five women and a couple filed civil lawsuits in Utah against Tim Ballard for sexual misconduct; an 8th victim reported him in November 2023.
    • allegedly was friends for a time with Mormon apostle M. Russell Ballard (the two are not related); as per a September 2023 VICE News article, the two are no longer friends.
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