was a Mormon church member and scout leader; pleaded guilty to molesting multiple boys; sentenced to 34 years in prison

Case report

06/01/89 Arizona

David James Borg, “In 1989, thirty-six-year-old David James Borg, a Mormon
Scoutmaster in Sierra Vista, Arizona, pled guilty to a charge of molesting three boys, ages
eleven, thirteen and fifteen years old, at his home and on scouting trips for five months in
1988 and admitted that there were at least twelve more victims. He was convicted and
sentenced to thirty-four years in prison.”

“He was placed on the BSA confidential files June 1989 (was in the BSA program since
May 1987 as Scout Master. In the files there is a memorandum dated November 8, 1988
which included the following statements. “The existence of molestations in the Troop and
Post sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Sierra Vista 2nd ward,
came to light in September, 1988 at least five boys are involved. All of them apparently
come from Mormon families in the ward “Borg loved in 1987 from New jersey. He had
been involved there with this church as a Young Men’s organization president and had been
released from that calling after an incident where he was discovered in bed with a young
man from the ward, age 18. He apparently admitted to the Bishop That’s all I know
about the church calling in New jersey…. There is potential liability for the Church on
this one, independent of it’s position as Sponsoring Organization. It appears that Borg
had some contact with a “Brother Perry” in the Social Services of the LDS Church. He said
that Brother Perry didn’t understand homosexuality and didn’t help him very much. There
are at least 20 separate instances of sexual misconduct or molestation.” The mother of the
youngest victim reported the incident according to a copy of news clipping in the files. Borg
was convicted and under a plea agreement will serve 24 years in prison.”

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