was a Mormon bishop in Utah; convicted of a sex crime

Paul Newman Case Summary

Paul Newman was a Mormon bishop in Utah and served in other leadership callings in the LDS church.

In 2020 Newman was arrested and charged with a sex crime.

Thanks to your support, FLOODLIT has obtained court documents in this case. From a probable cause statement dated 2020-05-27:

“On December 25, 2013, in Alpine, the Defendant, Paul Newman, touched a 10-year-old girl, skin-to-skin with his hand, on her breasts and nipples.”

Also from that statement:

“Newman occupied a position of special trust relative to her.

Newman has been previously accused of very similar conduct with at least three other girls of similar age over the past twenty years.

Newman was not taken into custody as part of this investigation.”

FLOODLIT has court documents showing that Newman was convicted of a sex crime in this case.

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