was an LDS church member in California; accused of child sexual abuse; convicted in 2006; incarcerated 2006 to 2011; allegedly groomed female students ages 7-10 with attention and candy and then forcing sexual contact in his classroom after school

Case report

Year of Last Conviction : 2006

A source familiar with Duffin’s case told FLOODLIT that local LDS church leaders failed to tell new families with young girls about Duffin’s history as they moved into the ward. Our source says they have alerted two families in the last ten years who had young girls and lived in his neighborhood. Neither family had been alerted by any Mormon leaders.

Floodlit has been told the ward leaders took steps to protect Duffin’s comfort in attending and participating in ward activities. Leaders have appeared to make no effort to protect children from becoming his future victims, other than issuing callings not involving youth. Our source reports that, as new families have moved into the ward (and wards have been combined) there has been little effort to keep children in the ward Duffin attends safe from this known sex offender.

As of 2023, Duffin is serving in his local Mormon ward in California as a sacrament meeting chorister.

Case facts

Case information sources

  1. Offender Profile James Mario Duffin Jr
    view source details | 19 Dec 2023 | Offender Radar

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