Former LDS/Mormon church stake presidents who have been publicly accused or found guilty of sexual abuse or sex crimes.

  • Brinkerhoff, Allen J was a Mormon bishop and stake president and manager of an LDS stake welfare farm in Nevada; in 2007, found guilty of child sexual abuse and sentenced
  • Brockner, Ronald Terry former Mormon bishop and stake president in Louisiana; found guilty in Idaho in 2020 of sexually exploiting a minor; sentenced to 5 to 10 years in prison
  • Hildreth, Clayton Ray was a Mormon stake president in Butte, Montana; from Dillon, Montana; arrested in June 2004 by Boise, Idaho police for soliciting sex from a person he thought was a 14-year-old girl online; was stake president at the time of his arrest; pleaded guilty in October to a charge of interstate travel with intent to have sex with a minor; sentenced in 2005 to three years and five months in prison
  • Kempton, Robert Glenn was an Mormon bishop, stake president and attorney in Arizona; arrested in 2014 in a police sting for underage prostitution
  • McConkie, David George was a former LDS stake president, LDS bishop and deputy district attorney in Colorado, and paternal grandson of former Mormon apostle Bruce R. McConkie; arrested on August 30, 2023; charged in September 2023 with felony sexual assault on a child by someone in a position of trust
  • Parkinson, John Edward was a Mormon stake president (1981-1991) and physician in California; sentenced to prison for sexually abusing two female patients; his conviction was later reversed
  • Phister, Scott Elvin was a Mormon bishop and stake president in Wyoming; later moved to Utah and worked as a massage therapist; pleaded no contest in 2022 to two class A misdemeanor charges of sexual battery for touching a female massage client in a sexual manner
  • Pierson, Chesley Nels was an LDS stake president and stake patriarch in Alberta, Canada; accused of sexually abusing multiple young men
  • Poelman, Byron Lloyd was a bishop and stake president in Utah and partner in a law firm that represented the LDS church; arrested in 1994 for soliciting a prostitute; pleaded guilty to a class B misdemeanor charge of patronizing a prostitute