was a former Mormon branch president (similar to a bishop) and bishop in Connersville, Indiana for 10 years (approximately 1974-84); convicted of child sexual abuse charges (9 counts, 6 victims) in Sacramento County, California in 2021-2022; sentenced to 8 years in San Quentin State Prison; died by suicide in prison in September 2023; our sources report that he had at least a dozen victims

Case Summary

Mike Antrobus was a Mormon church member and former LDS branch president and bishop who lived in California and Indiana.

Antrobus died by suicide while in prison in September 2023.

On June 20, 2021, Antrobus was caught molesting a child.

He was convicted of child sexual abuse in 2021 or 2022 and sentenced to 8 years in the San Quentin state prison in California.

According to our sources, the victims had to demand that the LDS church excommunicate Antrobus after his conviction.

FLOODLIT is seeking court records pertaining to this case (21FE013790) from Sacramento County, California.

Antrobus served as a Mormon branch president in Connersville, Indiana from approximately 1974 to 1984. Towards the end of his time there, he was called to be a bishop.

He graduated in 1975 from BYU-Provo.

In 1977, Antrobus was a US Army 2nd lieutenant.

Our sources say that Antrobus sexually abused multiple children who were extended family members.

If you are a victim of abuse by Antrobus, please consider sharing your story at FLOODLIT. It’s anonymous.

Due to the nature of Antrobus’s crimes and the fact that he spent many years working with children, we believe there may be more victims out there.

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