was an LDS church member in Utah and Colorado; accused of sexual abuse; convicted in Colorado of child sexual abuse

Case Summary

Conviction Date : 04-02-2001
Colorado State Registry

A source familiar with Cheatham told Floodlit that Cheatham began sexually abusing another child when he was a child himself, and continued to abuse that child until he left home.

Cheatham served a full time LDS mission and attended Brigham Young University in Utah.

Cheatham was married in Utah and lived there until moving to Colorado in 1989.

In 1991, Cheatham was caught sexually abusing a 5 year old according to our source.

Cheatham was subsequently divorced and excommunicated from the Mormon church.

He spent two nights being held by a sheriff’s office.

Cheatham was required to attend a class on not re-offending and to register as a sex offender in Colorado.

Cheatham was eventually rebaptized, then remarried. Then was divorced again when he allegedly was caught abusing multiple children. He was convicted and went to prison for 18 years. During the criminal investigation, his victims were determined to number in the hundreds, according to our source. He reportedly found his victims at Mormon church gatherings as well as in his extended family.

Eventually Cheatham was excommunicated a second time. He is now on parole in the Denver metro area.

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