was an LDS church member in Montana; sentenced to prison in 1992 for felony child sexual abuse; in 2011, pleaded guilty to two class A misdemeanor counts of sexual battery; died in 2022

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Joel Hildreth was involved in two separate sexual abuse cases.

1992 case: information

in 2008, he was sentenced to prison for sexually molesting some of his chiropractic patients.

Hildreth died in 2022.

Hildreth’s brother, Clayton Hildreth, was also convicted of a sex crime.

“In the fall of 1989, in an effort to improve her algebra grades, K.D. began tutoring sessions with her cousin, Grant Hildreth. At the time, K.D. was a fifteen-year- old high school sophomore and Hildreth was a 26-year-old attending college. Hildreth sexually molested K.D. At trial, K.D. testified that Hildreth later apologized and suggested that she go to her bishop and repent because he had gone to his bishop and talked to him about what happened. In August of 1990, K.D.’s parents learned of the incident through two letters written by K.D. which her father inadvertently found in her room. The letters described what was going on in K.D.’s life, and what Hildreth was doing to her. During trial, K.D. testified about several other incidents where Hildreth had subjected her to similar sexual assaults.”

“After initially thinking that the situation could be handled by the family or through a Latter Day Saints church procedure, K.D.’s parents eventually went to the authorities. Hildreth was charged, by information dated July 9, 1991, with sexual assault, a felony. A two-day trial was held in which Hildreth raised an alibi defense, saying he was attending his own birthday party on November 16, 1989. At the close of trial, the jury returned a guilty verdict on the felony sexual assault charge. The District Court deferred imposition of sentence for six years upon certain terms and conditions. Execution of sentence was stayed pending Hildreth’s motion for a new trial. The court denied the motion, and the stay of execution was vacated.”

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