was a Mormon church member in Utah; charged in March 2023 with two felony counts of child sexual abuse

Personal information

  • Decker, Reed Nathaniel
  • Alias(es): Reed N Decker
  • Born: 1944
  • Gender: Male

Case summary

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On 2023-03-13, Reed Decker, a lifelong Mormon church member in Utah, was charged with two felony counts of child sexual abuse.

Utah court case 231900741 – State Felony

From a probable cause statement in Decker’s case, dated 2023-03-13:

“PROBABLE CAUSE: On or about June 20, 2019, the Weber County Sheriff’s Office received a report regarding a sexual abuse of a 15 year old minor by her live in step grandfather, later identified as the defendant, Reed Decker. After receiving the initial report, the 15 year old minor child was interviewed at the Children’s Justice Center wherein she disclosed that on January 21, 2018 she was sitting in the living room when the defendant approached her, picked her up by her arms, lifted her off the couch and proceeded to give her a hug. She then disclosed that while the defendant was giving her the hug, he put his hand down her pants and groped her butt. The minor further disclosed that while the defendant’s groped her butt, he put his other hand up her shirt and groped her bare breast as she was not wearing a bra at that time. After the CJC interview, the defendant was interviewed by Deputy Miles. During that interview, the defendant did admit to hugging the minor child multiple times but denied further touching.

However, the defendant did remember the specific hug the minor referenced and remembered similar details about that hug. The defendant further admitted that the minor was home alone, that she immediately acted different after that hug and she didn’t want to be around him anymore after that hug.

inspector retired at United States Government / Retired Inspector

Went to Weber High School
Graduated in 1962

possible lds mission
Traveled to Edinburgh, United Kingdom (sctoland)
July 1963

His wife’s 2006 obituary:

WEST WEBER Laraine Greenwell Decker, 59, passed away June 27, 2006 at LDS Hospital due to congestive heart failure.

She was born April 29, 1947 in Ogden, a daughter of Lewis Hammon and Una Cottle Greenwell. On May 5, 1966 she married her one true love, Reed Nathaniel Decker, in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. Together through the 40 years of marriage she and her husband had 54 foster children come through their home while raising three of their own, which have been the highlight of her life.

Laraine was loved by all she came in contact with, she helped to start the first Special Needs Mutual in Northern Utah and was diligent in that calling for 18 wonderful years.

Laraine was a faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints where she served in various church positions such as Priesthood Organist, Relief Society President and various other positions.

Laraine was currently working as the Options Coordinator at Rocky Mountain Jr. High School where everyone knew her as “Mrs. D”. She had touched so many lives throughout her teaching career, gaining two special friends Josh Kite and Dennis Draper.

Laraine enjoyed crocheting, homemaking, but most of all was known for her incredible and beautiful talent of playing the piano. This talent will surely be missed by all.

Laraine is survived by her loving companion of 40 years, Reed N. Decker; beautiful daughters and friends Laree and Karen Decker of West Weber; her son and “Special Buddy” Lewis R. Decker of South Ogden, UT.

Also surviving are her brothers Kenneth C (Doris) Greenwell and Lance C (Dianne) Greenwell of West Weber and sister and Best Friend, Marian (Bruce) Jeffs, of Kaysville; and many loving nieces and nephews.

Laraine was preceded in death by her parents and sister-in-law Maree Lowe Greenwell.

The family would like to express sincere thanks to Dr. James Stringham and Erin Davis at the University of Utah Medical Center and Dr. Brad Rasmussen and nurse Karen at LDS Hospital Center for all the hours and care vested in our wife and mother.

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LDS/Mormon church membership history

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LDS mission information

The accused served a full-time LDS mission in the Edinburgh, Scotland mission from 1963 to 1965.

LDS temple marriage information

The accused was married (sealed) in the Salt Lake Temple Mormon temple in May 1966.

LDS church positions ever held by the accused: Missionary
LDS church positions held by the accused at the time of the alleged crime(s):
LDS church positions held by the accused at the time of being publicly accused:

Alleged crime(s)

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Alleged victim(s)

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  • Number of alleged victim(s) - note if approximate: 1
  • Average age of alleged victim(s) at time of alleged crime(s): 15


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Criminal charge(s)

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Criminal charge information

  • Date: March 2023
  • Description: two second degree felony counts of forcible sexual abuse

Criminal verdict(s)

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Criminal sentence

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Prison time

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Other court cases

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LDS church response(s)

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  • Alleged failure to report by local LDS leaders? unknown
  • Alleged misconduct by local LDS leaders? unknown
  • Alleged misconduct by global LDS leaders? unknown

FLOODLIT is not aware whether the Mormon church paid any settlement amounts related to this case.

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