was a former LDS bishop and attorney in Dallas, Texas; arrested in 2021 for allegedly recording a minor; pleaded guilty in 2023 and sentenced to 4 years probation

Case Summary

Rob Westover was a former LDS bishop in Texas. He was arrested in 2021 for nude child photos obtained via a hidden camera in a closet.

He was a stake high councilor at the time of his arrest.

Westover was bishop of the Lakewood Ward in Dallas in 2016 and 2017.

Out on bail ($25,000 bond, posted ~2021-09-13) awaiting trial as of late 2022.

Sep 13, 2021 – Charges Filed – Invasive Visual Recording – 1 count
Sep 13, 2021 – Charges Filed – Sexual Perform Child Produce/Direct/Promote – 2 counts

2022-11-10 – general docket entry under Collin County, TX court case #416-83557-2022:

“Counsel for State and Defense appeared, hrg on bond conditions. Def. allowed at marital residence Nov. 19-27,2022, and Dec. 23-Jan 1, 2023, with no overnights (10pm-8am), must be supervised at all times while in marital residence. May see extended family at locations of their choosing and Def. supervised. -AST”

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