• Anderson, Mark Kevin was a Mormon church branch president and dentist in Woodland, California; accused by 27 former female patients of touching them inappropriately in office visits; found guilty in 2009 of 11 felony counts and one misdemeanor count of sexual battery for sexual abuse of several of his female patients; sentenced to six years in California state prison; required to register for life as a sex offender
  • Westover, Robert Fleming former LDS bishop and attorney in Texas; arrested in 2021 for allegedly recording a minor; pleaded guilty in 2023 and sentenced to 4 years probation
  • Withers, LaVar Madsen was a Mormon church member and physician in Idaho; was accused of sexual abuse by over 125 women and children (some as young as 13 years old); admitted to sexual abuse; found guilty of misdemeanor battery; sentenced to 30 days in jail; Mormon church placed him on probation and took his temple recommend