was a Mormon church member in Utah; found guilty of first-degree felony aggravated sex abuse of a child and was sentenced in 2020 to four consecutive terms of three years to life in prison

Personal information

  • Olson, Jeffrey Paul
  • Alias(es): Jeff Olson
  • Born: 1966
  • Died: 2023
  • Gender: Male

Case summary

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Jeff Olson attended BYU in Utah in 1987-1991. He became a marketing professional and worked for Nu Skin for several years as a branding and marketing expert.

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Olson’s alleged sexual abuse timeline, according to his indictment:

1992 – 2007 – Woman #1- For a span of 15 years, Olson raped and sodomized a woman. That abuse would begin while the woman was asleep.
1995 – 1999 – Child #1 – Olson began abusing a child when she was one and it lasted until she was five. Olson is accused of abusing the baby while changing her diaper.
1998 – 2002 – Child #2 – The same abuse that happened to child #1 also happened to child #2, also while she was between the ages of one and five.. Police say Olson once again abused the child when she was 12 and 13 years old.
2003-2008 – Child #3 – Similar abuse allegations as child #1 and #2, but there’s an additional allegation that a different form of abuse happened between ages four and nine.
2011 – Children #4-6 – All three female children experienced similar sexual abuse. Child #5 was 7 years old, Child #6 was 5-years-old. The age of child #4 was not stated,
May 2015 – July 2017 – The indictment reads: “The defendant raped and sodomized an adult woman. He would give her alcohol and medication so he could do whatever he wanted to do to her sexually.” The woman was passed out when the abuse happened.

Police say Olson was charged last Wednesday with the crimes, but it was done by way of his attorney so a handcuffed arrest did not take place.

As of February 2023, Olson is in the Duchesne County Jail in Utah.

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LDS/Mormon church membership history

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LDS mission information

The accused served a full-time LDS mission in the Peru Lima North mission from 1985 to 1987.

LDS temple marriage information

FLOODLIT is not aware whether the accused was married in a Mormon temple.

LDS church positions ever held by the accused: Missionary
LDS church positions held by the accused at the time of the alleged crime(s):
LDS church positions held by the accused at the time of being publicly accused:

Alleged crime(s)

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Alleged victim(s)

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  • Number of alleged victim(s) - note if approximate:
  • Average age of alleged victim(s) at time of alleged crime(s):


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Criminal charge(s)

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Criminal verdict(s)

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Criminal sentence

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Prison time

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Other court cases

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LDS church response(s)

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  • Alleged failure to report by local LDS leaders? no
  • Alleged misconduct by local LDS leaders? no
  • Alleged misconduct by global LDS leaders? no

FLOODLIT is not aware whether the Mormon church paid any settlement amounts related to this case.

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