was an LDS church member in Utah; accused of sexual abuse; pleaded guilty in 2020 to one felony count of 2nd degree aggravated child sexual abuse; sentenced to prison but the prison term was suspended; sentenced to probation; completed probation; as of 2023, registered sex offender; lives in Orem, Utah

Case Summary

Kimball Ungerman was a Mormon church member in Utah.

Ungerman sexually abused a 13-year-old boy in Utah in January 2019.

In December 2020, Ungerman was sentenced for 2nd degree child sexual abuse, a felony.

His prison term of one to 15 years in the Utah State Prison was suspended by the judge.

Instead, Ungerman was sentenced to 4 years of probation.

Ungerman successfully completed his probation in late 2022.

Ungerman is a registered sex offender as of 2023. He lives in Orem, Utah.

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According to a police probable cause affidavit, Ungerman told his victim that he had confessed the sexual assault to his Mormon bishop.

  1. Back From Mission
    view source details | 31 Oct 1979 | Davis County Clipper
  2. Kimball Reid Ungerman
    view source details | 15 Nov 2023 | Offender Radar
Other sources
  1. view source details | Police probable cause affidavit - South Jordan Police Department - 19 Jun 2019
Sources excerpts
  • Back From Mission
    Source type: News article
    Publisher: Davis County Clipper
    Date published/accessed: 31 Oct 1979
    archive 1 | archive 2

    Kimball Ungerman Farmington has returned from a mission for the LDS Church to Bankok Thailand.

    HIS PARENTS [REDACTED] Ungerman and their children [REDACTED] met Kimball in Honolulu Hawaii.

    The family then toured the island for several days before flying back to Salt Lake City.

    The family entertained with a homecoming for Kimball on Sunday Oct 28 at their home.

    He will be working until early January when he will begin the winter quarter at the University of Utah.

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    Kimball Reid Ungerman
    Source type: Registered sex offender record
    Publisher: Offender Radar
    Date published/accessed: 15 Nov 2023
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    DOB : 12/30/1957
    Age : 64
    Sex : Male
    Height : 5'07''
    Weight : 230
    Race : White
    Hair : Gray
    Eyes : Hazel


    Date Convicted : 12/04/2020
    Conviction State : Utah
    Statute : 76-5-404.1
    Offense Count : 1

Other sources excerpts
  1. Police probable cause affidavit - South Jordan Police Department - 19 Jun 2019
Other sources excerpts
  • Police probable cause affidavit
    South Jordan Police Department
    19 Jun 2019

    The statement of an adult female, [REDACTED], to South Jordan Police Officer [REDACTED], that she and her 13-year old son, [VICTIM], DOB [2005], recently watched “Abducted in Plain Sight” on Netflix and afterwards she asked [VICTIM] if anyone had ever touched him inappropriately.

    [VICTIM] said that [REDACTED] KIMBALL UNGERMAN, had tickled and massaged his buttocks while [VICTIM] was staying with him [in January] 2019.

    [REDACTED] recalled that at the end of this stay, UNGERMAN called [REDACTED] and asked if [VICTIM] could stay with him longer.

    [REDACTED] declined.


    The statement of [VICTIM] to Detective [REDACTED] that while he stayed at UNGERMAN’S Salt Lake County residence, he was laying on a blow up mattress watching TV.

    UNGERMAN squeezed and tickled [VICTIM]’s buttocks twice over the clothing.

    Then UNGERMAN pulled down [VICTIM]’s pants and underwear and tickled and squeezed his buttocks skin-to—skin. [VICTIM] told UNGERMAN to stop and he complied.

    However, UNGERMAN tickled and squeezed [VICTIM]’s buttocks one more time, over the clothes. [VICTIM] again asked UNGERMAN to stop and he did.

    The statement of [REDACTED] that she and her husband called UNGERMAN and confronted him.

    UNGERMAN admitted to them that he had touched [VICTIM] “below the beltline” and that he had been appropriate with how he touched him.

    [REDACTED], who knows that UNGERMAN is attracted to males, asked him if he was attracted to young boys.

    UNGERMAN responded, saying, “It’s about the connection, not the age.”

    [REDACTED] further reported that UNGERMAN has bought multiple expensive gifts for [VICTIM] over the years and takes him for outings quite often.

    The statement of South Jordan Police Detective [REDACTED] that he examined text messages that UNGERMAN has sent to [REDACTED].

    The texts included statements about how UNGERMAN confessed to his bishop, that he is willing to pay for counseling, and that he is ashamed about what he had done.

    The statement of Detective [REDACTED] that he examined Google Hangout messages between UNGERMAN and [VICTIM] UNGERMAN’S texts included references to “1-4-3,” which [VICTIM] explained is a code for “I love you.”

    The detective also saw messages from UNGERMAN asking [VICTIM] to erase certain conversations because they were private and someone else might see them, and that he wishes he could turn back time and re-do that week.

    There are additional references to monthly $35 payments that UNGERMAN has been regularly making to [VICTIM].

    UNGERMAN encouraged [VICTIM] to continue to talk to him via Google Hangout.

    One of the last messages said that UNGERMAN wanted to continue having conversations together on Google Hangout and that he was going to continue to give [VICTIM] money.

    Some of these conversations took place after the time that this was disclosed [REDACTED] confronted UNGERMAN.


    The State hereby requests that the Court issue a Warrant of Arrest in this matter for the following reason(s): due to the nature of the offense, and the appearance of “grooming" and manipulative behavior that appears to have been going on for some time, a warrant is necessary to protect [VICTIM] and the community, and to ensure the defendant’s appearance in court.

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