was a former assistant BYU professor in Utah; sentenced to prison in 2006 for video recording a 14-year-old undressing

Robert Jackson Case Summary

This case arose in 2006 in Utah.

Jackson, an assistant BYU professor, was sentenced to 2 second-degree felonies of sex exploitation and was sentenced to two years in prison. Jackson set up hidden cameras in order to video tape a 14 year old undressing.

Jackson was turned in by his adult daughter, who found an incriminating video file on his BYU laptop.

Jackson recorded a 14-year-old using a hidden camera that he had set up.

Jackson was awarded a Fulbright Scholar Grant in 2000, planning to teach in Torreon, Mexico

Jackson was living in Provo in 1997 and 2006.

Court records appear to indicate that Jackson divorced in 2007.

Victim’s family was allegedly “compassionate and understanding”

Jackson received a Boy Scouts of America Sentinel Award in 1997 for service with the Boy Scouts in Provo.

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