Former LDS/Mormon church BYU professors who have been publicly accused or found guilty of sexual abuse or sex crimes.

  • Burton, Sheril Dale was a Mormon church member and BYU professor; found guilty of sexual abuse of his two underage daughters
  • Clay, Michael James was an LDS church member and BYU professor in Provo, Utah; charged with sexually abusing three students; entered a plea bargain in May 2023 in which he agreed to plead no contest to three class A misdemeanor charges of sexual battery, complete 24 months of probation, do 50 hours of community service, and take a sexual boundaries course; sentenced in June 2023 according to the plea deal
  • Ehlert, Michael B was a Mormon church member and BYU professor; found guilty of sexual abuse
  • Jackson, Robert Bentley former assistant BYU professor in Utah; sentenced to prison in 2006 for video recording a 14-year-old undressing
  • Johnson, Melvin Kay was a seminary teacher, BYU religion professor; accused by his children of sexually abusing his daughters; excommunicated, rebaptized; confessed to sexual abuse, but has not been arrested or criminally charged
  • Palmer, Spencer John was a Mormon temple endowment ceremony actor, BYU professor, mission president, temple president, LDS church area authority; posthumously accused of child sexual abuse by his grandson
  • Stokes, Stephen BYU-Idaho professor, accused of sexual assault by a former student; deceased in 2016
  • Van Wagenen, Sterling Gray co-founder of Sundance Film Festival, director of some Mormon temple endowment videos; sentenced to prison in 2019 for child sexual abuse