was a Mormon church member in Utah and West Virginia; sentenced to 35 to 75 years in prison for sexually abusing two children; local LDS church coverup alleged; LDS church settled civil lawsuit out of court for an undisclosed amount

Case report

Chris Jensen was a Mormon church member who sexually abused multiple children.

The Mormon church was accused of covering up abuse in Jensen’s case.

He was a son of a stake presidency member as of approximately 2013; grandson of a general authority in Utah as of approximately 2013.

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Case videos

    • Video title: Mormon Congregation Assaults & Drowns Out Mothers Warning Them That Church Leaders Enable Pedophiles - NewNameNoah - 2019-05-11
    • Video description: "MARTINSBURG, WV. - Two mothers, whose children had been molested by a pedophile that leaders of a Mormon congregation in West Virginia had protected and lied for, took matters into their own hands when they stood up during a testimony meeting this past Sunday [May 5, 2019] and warned the congregation that their church leaders had harbored a pedophile and that their children were not safe. "

Case information sources

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  6. Latter-day Saint spokesman denounces news story about church’s sexual abuse response
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