was an LDS church member in the Redmond, Washington area; charged with first degree felony child molestation in December 2022, March 2023 and April 2023 (5 total victims, all young boys); admitted to sexually abusing around 6-8 children

Case Summary

November 27, 2023: FLOODLIT has learned that an omnibus hearing is scheduled for December 12, 2023 in this case in King County, Washington.

April 17, 2023: We’ve learned more details in the Buckland Darrell sexual abuse case.

FLOODLIT’s sources indicate that Buckland was a former LDS primary teacher and was released from that church calling (unpaid assignment) in 2011 or 2012 prior to any of the allegations. He was not a primary (young children) teacher when the first alleged crimes occurred. Buckland never served as a scout or youth leader or in any leadership position in the Hartman Park Ward.

Also according to our sources, all criminal allegations in this case were reported to the police at the same time or prior to when church leaders were notified and no church money has gone to his bail or defense.

According to a court document dated April 13, 2023 in King County, Washington, Darrell has at least three more alleged victims.

The following is an excerpt from that document.

“CAUSE NO. 23-1-01274-3 SEA


The State incorporates by reference the Certification for Determination of Probable Cause prepared by Officer Marshall Tolbert of the Redmond Police Department for case number 23-009170.

Pursuant to CrR 2.2(b), the State requests bail set in the amount of $500,000.00, the same amount set at first appearance. This is based on the likelihood the defendant will commit a violent sexual offense. Here, the defendant is alleged to have molested three different [boys], starting in late 2016.

[…] They all attend the same LDS church as the defendant.


[…] [Victim 1] is only [less than 10] years old and described how the defendant would touch his penis over his pants. [Victim 2] described how when he was [less than 10] years old, the defendant would rub his penis over his pants while he sat on his lap in church. [Victim 3] had more extensive abuse, starting when he was about [less than 10] years old. [Victim 3] disclosed that touching began over his pants and escalated to where the defendant would take him to isolated parts of the church and touch his bare penis inside his pants, and likewise make the child touch the defendant’s bare penis inside his pants.


The facts of the current case are concerning alone to merit a high bail amount. That said, the defendant’s recent charges and comments during his interview with detectives further highlight the threat this man poses to other children were he to be released. The defendant is currently facing two other Child Molestation in the First Degree charges in King County for molesting two other boys who were members of the same church. His actions against all five boys are very similar and highlight a common plan he had to ingratiate himself in these families, isolate and molest young boys. Further, the defendant participated in an interview with law enforcement and admitted to molesting many of the victims. Although his admissions were concerning enough, two particular points of his interview were highly concerning. The first of which was the defendant insinuating that he would be willing to give more names of children he has molested, but only in exchange for a favorable resolution. Law enforcement declined to entertain such a deal. The second was the defendant’s assertion that the molestation events only occurred because the boys initiated them and requested it. This level of delusion is highly concerning for repeat offending if he was still out in the community. This interview, his history, and the current charges warrant a high bail to protect the community.

The defendant has two open Child Molestation in the First Degree charges, and no other criminal convictions. The State asks that the court issue an order to surrender weapons, a pretrial sexual assault protection order protecting [Victim 3] (DOB [redacted]), [Victim 2] (DOB [redacted]) and [Victim 1] (DOB [redacted]), order to surrender weapons, do not possess firearms or dangerous weapons, no contact with minors, do not possess or consume alcohol or drugs not prescribed by a physician, do not leave the State of Washington without specific approval by the Court, and no criminal activity.”

April 4, 2023: According to the Redmond police press release and sources who are familiar with the two cases, the two victims lived in different jurisdictions, one in Sammamish, WA and one in Redmond, WA. The two boys and their families are in different LDS wards and different stakes.

March 31, 2023: Thanks to an anonymous tip, we’ve corrected an item below to state that local police were called after the 2020 incident. We’re thankful to our readers and apologize for any confusion.

March 30, 2023: Darrell was court ordered not to return to his local LDS chapel in Redmond, Washington.

Dates have been set:

  • Omnibus hearing: 4/25/23 at 1 pm
  • Trial date: 5/18/23 at 9 am

March 24, 2023: FLOODLIT’s sources report that Darrell worked in the early 2000s at an Internet cafe/PC gaming shop where he was around minors that were usually unsupervised.

March 22, 2023: FLOODLIT’s sources indicate that Darrell’s current LDS church calling (position) is “bulletin director.”

March 22, 2023: FLOODLIT has received several reports from people familiar with the case or with Darrell’s life. According to these reports, Darrell’s disturbing behavior towards little children and especially little boys was well known to many members of his Mormon ward (congregation) for many years, dating back to the 2000s. On multiple occasions, ward members told the bishop about Darrell, and local police were called after the 2020 incident.

March 22, 2023: We have the probable cause affidavit in the 2023 case and will post its contents, redacted for privacy of the victim’s family and the victim, as soon as possible.

As of March 22, 2023, Buckland Darrell (an active Mormon and former LDS Primary teacher in Redmond, Washington) is involved in two separate first degree felony child molestation cases in King County, Washington:

2022 sexual abuse case involving Buckland Darrell

  • King County Superior Court case #221075402 (22-1-07540-2)
  • Victim was a 7-year-old boy.
  • November 24, 2022 (Thanksgiving Day): The accused allegedly molested the boy while they celebrated Thanksgiving at the boy’s home.
  • December 8, 2022: Arrested by the King County Sheriff’s Office.
  • December 8, 2022: Charged with first degree felony child molestation.
  • December 9, 2022: Pleaded not guilty and released on $100,000 bail.
  • March 22, 2023: Currently scheduled for a pretrial hearing in April 2023.

2023 sexual abuse case involving Buckland Darrell

  • King County Superior Court case #231006522 (23-1-00652-2)
  • Victim was a boy under 10 years old.
  • 2020: The accused allegedly molested the boy at the Redmond LDS stake center, during Sunday church meetings.
  • Court documents say that multiple witnesses saw what happened during those church services and that the boy told his parents the accused had molested him more than once.
  • March 15, 2023: Arrested by Redmond police.
  • March 15, 2023: Bail is set at $200,000.
  • March 22, 2023: Darrell remains at the King County Correctional Facility. He is set to be arraigned on March 30, 2023 at 8:30 am at the King County Courthouse in Seattle.

URGENT: There may be more victims. If you have any information, you can call the Redmond Police Department tip line at 425-556-2500.
Thank you for helping us shine a light on Mormon sexual abuse cases.

Darrell is currently listed in the Hartman Park LDS ward directory (Redmond Washington stake) as having a calling, and has been regularly attending church for many years.

As of March 2023, Buckland Darrell is currently involved in two child sexual abuses cases in King County, Washington, including one in which he’s alleged to have sexually abused a little boy during church services. More victims are possible.

Anyone with more information about more possible abuse victims in Redmond’s cases can call the Redmond police tipline at 425-556-2500.

Thanks to your information tips and donations, FLOODLIT has been able to confirm Darrell’s status as an active member of the LDS church.

In February 2023, a boy in Darrell’s LDS ward came forward and reported that Darrell had touched him sexually at their local LDS chapel in 2020.

According to charging documents filed in March 2023, multiple witnesses saw what happened during those church services in 2020 and the boy told his parents Darrell had molested him more than once.

Darrell was arrested on 2023-03-15, but he was already set to go to trial for another molestation charge involving another little boy, a 7-year-old, in his Mormon ward.

The King County Sheriff’s Office arrested Darrell in December 2022 for first degree child molestation, accusing Darrell of touching the boy inappropriately at a 2022 Thanksgiving party at the boy’s home. Darrell pleaded not guilty and made his $100,000 bail.

Now that Darrell has been arrested again, for the 2020 allegation, his bail has been set at $200,000.

Court documents in the new 2023 case described Darrell as having a “fixation on children” and alleged that he committed “brazen sexual assaults” in front of his victim’s parents at their LDS chapel.

As of 2023-03-22, Darrell is set to be arraigned within a few days for the new molestation charge, and is scheduled for a pretrial hearing in April 2023 involving the child from Thanksgiving.

Mormon church information for Buckland Darrell

At the time of his 2023 arrest, Darrell was regularly attending the Hartman Park Ward in the Sammamish Valley Washington stake of the LDS church. He was still listed in the Hartman Park ward directory despite his prior charges in December 2022. He still was listed as having a church calling (position).

Prior to the December 2022 charge(s), Darrell had no known criminal history in Washington state, per court documents.

According to FLOODLIT’s sources, Darrell has been active at his local LDS church all the way until now, coming to sacrament meetings and other activities where children are present.

Booking and arrest information for Buckland Darrell

Darrell was booked on 2022-12-08 and was released after posting bail the next day.

He was booked again on 2022-03-15.

2022-014867 DARRELL BUCKLAND Released 12/8/2022 14:07 12/9/2022 21:13
2023-018819 DARRELL BUCKLAND Booked 3/15/2023 12:07

Criminal charges information for Buckland Darrell

2022-014867 Docket TBD Child molestation – Investigation 3618 $100,000.00 INVESTIGATION Bond
2023-018819 231006522 Child Molestation 1 9A.44.083 $200,000.00 CHARGED AWAITING TRIAL
2023-018819 Docket TBD Child molestation – Investigation 3618 $200,000.00 INVESTIGATION Investigated and Charged

Criminal court cases information for Buckland Darrell

1 Docket TBD KCDC WEST DIVISION SEATTLE COURTHOUSE 2022-014867 Closed King County Correctional Facility
1 Docket TBD 2023-018819 Closed King County Correctional Facility
2 231006522 KING COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT – KCCH 2023-018819 $200,000.00 Pending King County Correctional Facility

Civil court cases information for Buckland Darrell

A civil protection order relating to sexual assault was filed against Buckland Darrell by a family acquainted with him on 2022-12-16.

he family included four children under the age of 10. Darrell complied with a court order to surrender a personal firearm and two boxes of ammunition to Redmond police. He was ordered to stay away from a local LDS chapel.

Civil case number: 222206942 SEA (22-2-20694-2 SEA)

Criminal court cases information for Buckland Darrell

2022 – Child Molestation 1, 22-1-07540-2 King County Superior Court – Pre-trial
Criminal case number: 221075402

Details about the 2022 criminal case involving Buckland Darrell

In December 2022, Darrell was arrested and charged with first degree felony child molestation.

Darrell’s former LDS bishop told the court that ward members had expressed concerns to him about Darrell’s interest in children back in approximately 2010, about 12 years before the 2022 charges

FLOODLIT’s sources report that this former bishop did not know about the 2020 alleged sexual abuse incident when he was contacted by Darrell’s attorney regarding the 2022 alleged incident, for which he supplied a statement that we’ve quoted in part below. Our sources say that the former bishop learned about the 2020 incident when Buckland was arrested in March 2023.

On 2022-12-21, the former bishop stated: [FLOODLIT’s notes in square brackets[]; we’ve placed certain text in bold for emphasis]

“Buckland L. Darrell (accused) has been my acquaintance and then good friend for about 15 years [since ~2007]. I was his ecclesiastical leader [LDS bishop] for about 6 years.

“He has always been single. I know he has dated a couple of woman [sic] but nothing worked out.

“I know he has worked for several companies including Microsoft, Amazon and contract work. He is a computer programmer, computer systems and hardware worker.

“He had and still does have many friends (families and individuals) associated with the church congregation he attends in Redmond, Washington (Hartman Park Ward, Redmond Washington Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints).

“Buckland’s secondary work has been home construction and remodeling. He helped me redo much of my downstairs bathroom that had water heater leak and damage much of it. I’m assuming he has done financially well, because he drives a nice Audi, rents a nice home, and has more tools and equipment to outfit and school woodshop. Buckland is good at his work.

“He also has a hobby of photography. He photographed many church events including Christmas Santa Claus photos with the kids.

“My understanding is that he is currently looking for another job because the work he was doing on a home is finished.

“Although Buckland can talk at length about various topics and making is difficult to get in your own comment, I feel he has always been honest with me about what he is doing. I am very confident that he will want to face whatever is needed. Cannot imagine him trying to run away from his situation.

Buckland does adore children.

“Buckland wishes he were married and had a family. His personality is such that I don’t believe that will happen. Although a great problem solver on mechanical or logical challenges, he is not a super good listener all the time.

While serving as his church leader about 12 years ago [around 2010], the concern was raised by some of the members that Buckland was too friendly with the youth and children. He was serving as a teacher in the primary. Although there was no evidence of any wrong doing, he was later released from serving with the youth. I personally spoke to him about the challenge of being a single guy and being friendly with children and the perception that can create. He felt sad about having that stigma, but seemed to accept that it was best. He still have several families with children in the church that are his close friend and I believe and keenly aware of circumstances.

Buckland and I have done detailed spook alleys for years at the ranch where I worked. We talked candidly about many things, including his personal life. I believe he is a good sincere person. He is not a danger to the community in anyway in my opinion and will abide to the letter whatever the court determines.

In this final paragraph I will address each bullet point listed:

1. Reasonably assure the accused’s appearance and noninterference with the administration of justice and reduce danger to others or the community.

Response: My strong feeling is that Buckland has too much to loose in personal resepect to his friends and his mother that he will attempt to not face the judicial process (regardless of outcome). He will not be a danger to the community. He definitely understands the situation and will not want to make matters worse.

2. Length and character of the accused’s residence in the community.

Response: Buckland has lived in the community for around 15 years. His roommates and neighbors know him and in my opinion respect him and appreciate the service he has rendered to them from time to time.

3. Accused’s employment status ad history and financial condition.

Response: Buckland has always had a job since I’ve known him until very recently since completing contract work. He appears to be financially stable from all outward appearances.

4. Accused’s family ties and relationships.

Response: I believe his brother had some issues with the law and may have been incarcerated. I don’t know the details. Buckland was not pleased about this; He has another married brother. His mother has had dinner at our home in Redmond with Buckland. She is a good stable intelligent and social woman.

5. Accused’s reputation, character and mental condition.

Response: Buckland has a reputation of being very kind and outgoing socially with the members of the community and his church associations. He has many, many friends (both with and without children}. He is seen as a bit quirky but always can carry on a great conversation. I do not consider him to have any abnormal mental issues.

6. Accused’s history of response to legal process.

Response: Unaware of any legal issues he has had in the past.

7. Accused’s criminal history.

Response: Unaware of any criminal history.

8. Willingness of responsible members of the community to vouch for the accused’s reliability and assist the accused in complying with conditions of release.

Response: There are dozens of individual or families that would be willing to vouch for his reliability and assisting in anyway. I would definitely do so if I still lived near him.

9. Nature of the charge.

Response: I only know from looking on the King County Superior Court site that Buckland is accused of Child Molestation 15t degree. Other than that I know nothing else.

10. Other factors indicating the accused’s ties to the community.

Response: Has been very involved with his church community.

11. Accused’s past record of threats to victims or witnesses or interference with witnesses or the administration of justice; whether or not there is evidence of present threats or intimidation directed to witnesses; the accused’s past record of committing offenses while on pretrial release, probation or parole; and the accused’s past record of use of or threatened use of deadly weapons or firearms, especially to victims or witnesses.

Response: No record and hard to imagine him doing anything like this.

In closing, my experiences with Buckland have always been positive. He has always been honest with me in working on my bathroom and other activities. We never, ever witnesses him behave in any type of violent way. I have never heard him raise his voice in anger. He has been a hard worker when I’ve been involved with him on by remodel and doing other projects together including cooking, baking, and spook alley set up. I consider him a very good citizen and the judicial process he believes in very much.”

  1. Subject Lookup
    view source details | 22 Mar 2023 | King County Correctional Facility
  2. Redmond police re-arrest man on child molestation charges involving new victims
    view source details | 17 Apr 2023 | KIRO 7 News
  3. Redmond man accused twice of child molestation arrested a 3rd time, faces 4 more charges
    view source details | 17 Apr 2023 | FOX 13 Seattle
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Videos: Buckland Darrell Mormon sex crime case

    • Video title: Police arrest man accused of child molestation in Redmond, more victims suspected
    • Video description: According to police, detectives arrested 44-year-old Buckland Darrell for first-degree child molestation. A victim reportedly came forward with details of the incident, which happened at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Redmond.

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