was an LDS bishop in the Timmins - North Bay area, Ontario, Canada; convicted of sexual exploitation in November 2001; molested an underage girl in his ward while serving as her bishop

James Hayes Case Summary

James Hayes was a Mormon bishop in Ontario, Canada who sexually molested a young girl in his ward while serving as her bishop. The sex abuse took place in the bishop’s office at their local LDS chapel.

He was sentenced in January 2002 to 60 days in jail, to be served intermittently, and was placed on probation for the length of his jail term.

When the victim was 14 years old, she began seeing Hayes for counseling.

On one occasion when she was 16, the victim was alone with Hayes in his office at the church. During the encounter, Hayes and the girl engaged in a sexual act, the court heard.

  1. Sentencing delayed for former bishop
    view source details | 8 Jan 2002 | North Bay Nugget
  2. Former Mormon bishop sentenced in Timmins
    view source details | 9 Jan 2002 | North Bay Nugget
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