Upcoming court dates related to cases in our LDS sex abuse cases database:

Last updated: 2023-05-20

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Upcoming court dates:

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Recent court dates:

2023-05-10 – Anastasia Dawson – Missouri sexual abuse case

ANASTASIA DAWSON, with case number 23DVCR00047, has an upcoming court event.

A/An Hearing has been scheduled for 05/10/2023 at the following time 09:00 AM.

This will take place in Daviess County Circuit Court located at the following address: 102 North Main, Gallatin, MO. This date may change, depending upon a number of factors. You may want to contact the prosecutor’s office to check for updates to the information provided in this message.

If you plan to attend, call the prosecutor’s office the day before to make sure the hearing is still set, as last-minute continuances are often granted.

For more information, contact Daviess County Circuit Court. The telephone number is (660) 663-4129. MOVANS information is also available at www.vinelink.com.

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