Former LDS/Mormon church elders quorum presidents who have been publicly accused or found guilty of sexual abuse or sex crimes.

  • Burdick, Paul Douglas former LDS bishop in Oregon; pleaded guilty to third-degree sex abuse involving students
  • Davis, Michael Adam was an LDS church member in Utah and later an elders quorum president in Minnesota; pleaded guilty in 2003 in Utah to misdemeanor lewdness involving a child; pleaded guilty in Utah in 2006 to felony forcible sexual abuse; sentenced in 2022 in Minnesota to 30 years in prison for sexual abuse of a juvenile under his care
  • Hamblin, David Lee was an LDS church member in Utah; arrested in 2022 and charged with sexual abuse of a child; connected to an ongoing investigation into ritualistic sexual abuse in Utah
  • Jeppesen, Bruce T former Mormon elders quorum president; sentenced to two concurrent terms of 15 years in the Utah State Prison for raping a child
  • Johnson, Carl Matthew former mayor of West Bountiful, UT; former Mormon bishop; arrested for and charged with sexually abusing several children; pleaded guilty in January 2023 to four felony counts of child sexual abuse; sentenced in March 2023 to prison Location: , , unknown unknown