Former LDS/Mormon church mission presidents who have been publicly accused or found guilty of sexual abuse or sex crimes.

  • Bishop, Joseph Layton was a Mormon church member and president of the Provo, Utah Missionary Training Center (MTC) in the 1980s; allegedly sexually abused multiple sister missionaries
  • Lee, George Patrick former LDS general authority; pleaded guilty to attempted sexual abuse of a child, a third-degree felony
  • Mortimer, Gerald E. Former Mormon temple president OBGYN in Idaho; admitted to secretly using his sperm to artificially inseminate multiple women.
  • Palmer, Spencer John was a Mormon temple endowment ceremony actor, BYU professor, mission president, temple president, LDS church area authority; posthumously accused of sexual abuse by his grandson
  • Poelman, Byron Lloyd was a bishop and stake president in Utah and partner in a law firm that represented the LDS church; arrested in 1994 for soliciting a prostitute; pleaded guilty to a class B misdemeanor charge of patronizing a prostitute
  • Robison, Lowell was a mission president in Mexico in the 1990s; accused in 2018 of sexually abusing missionaries; two months later, committed suicide
  • Smartt, Philander Knox was a Mormon mission president; accused of sexually manipulating some of his sister missionaries