was a Mormon church member and Boy scout leader in New Hampshire and Nauvoo, Illinois; convicted in the 1980s and in 2020 of child sexual abuse

Case Summary

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Alfred Cote (Fred Cote) was charged at least twice with sex crimes involving sexual abuse of children.

He worked in the Boy Scouts of America in the 1980s and possibly before. At the time of his crimes in the 1980s, Cote was an electronics instructor and ambulance service owner, according to his ineligible volunteer record with the BSA.

Cote was a scout leader in the LDS Nauvoo Ward in Nauvoo, Illinois in the 1980s.

He reportedly confessed to his local Mormon bishop to molesting at least four boys in his scout troops.

In 2019, Cote was charged again – this time with 15 counts of Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault against a Child. He was accused of abusing two children between 2009 and 2016.

11/27/84 New Hampshire

LDS Alfred Francis Cote was placed on the BSA Confidential File on November 28th,

1984 for “Immoral Acts with Scouts, combined with prescription from multiple vendors
causing hallucinations. In discussion with Mormon Bishop Paul Chapman, Chapman states
he has confronted Cote and Cote has agreed he has engaged in these acts with 4 members
of the above Scout Troops. Chapman has contacted N.H. Dept, of Welfare and LDS Social
Welfare Agency has already issued an opinion that Cote should not be associated with
young men. Scouts and families have been contacted by Chapman as confirmation
source:” “Paul Ernst (BSA National Office) “shared that Mr. Cote had several past
convictions for sexual assault” Cote worked in scouts in Manchester, NH troop 393; Derry,

NH Troop 412 (not officially registered) and Chicago, IL Troop 107

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  2. Nauvoo man faces multiple sexual assault counts
    view source details | 22 Nov 2019 | WTAD
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    Nauvoo man faces multiple sexual assault counts
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    Alfred Cote arrested last Monday, will be in court Tuesday

    A Nauvoo man will be in court Tuesday, after his arrest last week on multiple counts of child sexual assault.

    Alfred Cote will be in Hancock County Circuit Court for a motion hearing. The Hancock County Sheriff's Office says they arrested Cote last Monday on 15 counts of Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault against a Child. Those are all Class X counts with a sentencing range of 6 to 60 years in prison per count, if convicted. Prosecutors say in a charging document that one child was six when the alleged abuse began. They say those incidents happened between 2009 and 2012. A second child was also allegedly abused between 2013 and 2016. That child was 11 when the alleged incidents began. Cote is due in court again December 12th for a preliminary hearing.

    He's in the Hancock County Jail on a total of $500,000 bond.

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