was an LDS church member; accused of sexual abuse a boy scout in his troop

Case Summary

06/10/91 Nevada

LDS Paul M. Jellum was placed on the BSA Confidential Files in 1991 four years after
being” accused of sexual abuse of a teen aged boy in Logan, Utah” Although there is a
letter dated Nov 3, 1987 detailing the abuse. When Jellum tried to re-register in another
LDS Troop a mother of a previous victim called the BSA “concerning rumors that paul
Jellum had been reinstated in Scouting. She expressed concern that because no
conviction was made that the accused can go on abusing children. She asked if they (the
mothers of abused sons) could intervene in the appeal process. 1 gave her the name of the
Refional office and Buford Hill’s name-she said she would write.” The 1987 allegations
were confirmed by the police according to a detailed Nov 3, 1987 letter in the files. The boy
was 14 years-old and the incident happened at camp. According to the Nov 3 1987 detailed
letter on 11/12/87 “Paul Jellum called me (scout executive) to inquire about the times the
police department contacted our office. He again stated that he understood our position but
that he was notarizing the letter and sending it to his attorney in Salt Lake (MCCONKIE)
because of the charges being brought by the mother of the boy.” This file was also heavily

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