was an LDS church member and junior high school drama teacher in Orem, Utah; accused in 2014 in a civil lawsuit of sexually abusing a boy student in the early 1980s; died in 2019

About Gerald Elison

Gerald Elison Mormon Sex Crime Case Summary

Gerald Elison was a junior high school drama teacher and Mormon church member in Orem, Utah.

In 2014, he was sued civilly by a man who alleged that Elison sexually molested him when the man was a student in Elison’s class in the early 1980s.

The lawsuit was dismissed due to the statute of limitations having expired.

Elison signed a confession that remained in his victim’s possession as of November 2018.

from Elison’s obituary in 2019:

“Mr E began his career teaching as a Principal of an elementary school, but spent most of his time in the classroom teaching choir, English, Drama, and Stage Crew. Jerry spent 50+ years teaching in Alpine School District. His real love was being on stage and teaching young people his love of theater. In addition to teaching and directing in schools, he also performed and directed throughout Utah County, including Sundance Summer Theatre, Hale Center Theater, and SCERA Theater, among many others. He has received many awards for his community service.

Jerry was sealed in the Salt Lake Temple on November 15, 1957, to [Jane Doe], an excellent pianist and teacher. They recently celebrated their 62nd Anniversary. They have 7 children. Jerry was an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and faithfully served in many church callings, including three Single Adult Bishoprics and on a Stake High Council. His favorite calling was playing the piano in Primary for over 20 years.

Jerry loved people and said of those he worked with: “I want them to remember the good times we shared together and the things that we were able to do in theater. I want them to remember the associations they’ve had with people and the fun of telling a story and being together and making it come alive for those who come to see it. That it’s been a good remembrance for them; that they have happy memories of it and good feelings of it.””

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Videos: Gerald Elison Mormon sex crime case

    • Video title: Man confronts pedophile in Mormon church
    • Video description: From the age of 11-13 Roger Stephenson was groomed and sexually abused by a pedophile. The abuse was reported to the police and nothing happened. The abuse has been reported to the pedophile’s Mormon church leaders and nothing has happened.Roger filed a civil suit against his abuser and, on Oct. 14, 2018, he confronted his abuser in church during a “testimony meeting” in an effort to warn potential future victims of this pedophile. This happened in an unspecified Mormon congregation in Utah.Roger resigned from Mormonism (aka The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints). This video is posted with Roger’s permission.
    • Video title: What happened AFTER man confronted pedophile in Mormon church
    • Video description: On Oct. 14, 2018, Roger Stephenson warned a Mormon congregation in Utah that a man in their ward had sexually molested him as a child. Roger’s mic was shut off and the Bishop escorted Roger out of the chapel and into his office where Roger explained why he had come that day.This is an audio recording of their conversation.

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