was an LDS church member in Cupertino, California; convicted of felony child sexual abuse in 1995 in California; as of 2023, registered sex offender living in Redmond, Washington

Case Summary

Tom Waitman was a Mormon church member and scoutmaster in a Cupertino, California LDS ward in the mid-1980s. He was the ward’s scoutmaster for many years.

In 1979, Waitman was an LDS seminary teacher.

According to iCrimeWatch.net as of 2023-08-14, “Thomas Waitman had sexual contact with numerous young males between the ages of 7-10 years old. Waitman knew the victims from church, being their soccer coach, and/or they were friends of his son.”

As of 2023, Waitman is released from prison and is living in Redmond, Washington.

  1. Thomas Frank Waitman
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